Hotstar Mod Apk is the #1 Trending OTT Platform for Android and IOS in India.
Disney+ Hotstar Mod Apk Download 2021 Now !!

  • Watch Live Cricket Matches
  • Hotstar Original Shows
  • Kids Content
  • High-Quality Videos
  • Full Unlocked
  • No Login and Sign up
  • Screenshot Allowed
  • VIP / Premium Stuff
  • No Ads

Talking about today 2021, the way of people watching television has changed to a great extent, it is a big change that earlier people used to watch their shows according to TV, meaning the viewer had no way to control their content i.e. That they have to see what television providers will show, but since the revolution of technology has happened in customizing the content, then people have customized their content to their liking.

The OTT platform was brought to show everyone the Content according to their wish, on which you can control the Content according to your wish, which TV shows you want to watch, and whether or not, the complete control remains in your hands and not the television provider.

To further enhance such customization, the Hotstar OTT video streaming platform has been launched by Novi Digital Entertainment.

Along with this, with the growth of this industry, many OTT platforms came, but the most popular OTT platform Hotstar Disney Plus, which also has cricket, TV serials, web series and live cricket videos.

According to Wikipedia, Hotstar is India's number one OTT platform according to data till 2021. And it Most Downloading Application in OTT App it means Hotstar is #1 Downloading applications of India in Playstore.

Hostar Mod Apk Vip/Premium Unlocked

Here is some brief overview about Hotstar Mod Application, Now Hotstar Let’s Talk About Hotstar Mod Apk What Kind of Application you will get from here.

Hotstar Mod Apk is the original Disney Plus Hotstar modified version in which you can use all the features of Hotstar for free and you can use all the services available on the Hotstar for free of cost.

Hotstar Mod Apk Provided You All Those Features For Which You Have To Have Monthly Or Yearly Subscription Plan.

By using Hotstar Mod Apk you don't need to login and sign up and you can directly watch Hotstar content. Also in Hotstar Modified Application you don’t have to buy any premium and VIP Plan for watching to show your free to watch content.

Hotstar Mod Apk allows you to take screenshots in application and while playing video content.

Disney+ Hotstar VIP/ Premium

We still like to Watch TV Serials, Movies, Live Cricket on TV but due to the flexibility of the OTT platform, we have all shifted from television to online and spend most of our time on mobile, meanwhile or you have time to watch TV because of these two problems, OTT platforms are very famous in India, and especially Disney+ Hotstar is an over-the-top Video Streaming Service provider which is India's No.1 OTT platform.

Disney+ Hotstar offers over 100,000 hours of drama content in more than 17+ languages.

By the way, Disney+ Hotstar is free for all but it has some terms and conditions.

If you come to Disney + Hotstar with a premium or VIP service, then you will have to buy its premium or VIP subscription plan, so that you can enjoy serials and live cricket matches before TV scheduled times.

Disney+ Hotstar is an Indian branded OTT platform operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution.

Now if we talk about Hotstar's VIP and Premium plan, then there is some condition in it too, what will you get in the VIP plan and in the premium plan, you can check all those things below, if you tell in few words then Vip plan In this you will get to see Ads and in premium plan you will get Ads free.

What is Hotstar Application

Hotstar is a video streaming platform where you can Watch Live Sports, Watch Hollywood & Bollywood Movies, Stream News Channels, Watch English TV Shows, Watch Hotstar Original Shows, Stream Live TV Channels, Kids Content, Disney+ Movies & Shows etc.

Hotstar Officially Launched in 2015 by Star India is an OTT Platform Application that used to live stream the Cricket World Cup and the upcoming India Premier Leagues at that time, and after the huge success of Hotstar, Now Hotstar is ready to go for Variation In Their Content After Log Period Hotstar Became India's Most Popular Application Now All Kinds Of Content Was Available On Hotstar Along With It.

Hotstar Also Buy Rights Of Some Popular And Trending Web Series TV Shows And Also Launched Some Of Its Original Web Series Named Hotstar Originals.

And in 2019, the star company was acquired by The Walt Disney Company, since then Disney has joined the name of Hotstar and the name of Hotstar has become Disney+ Hostar.

Hotstar is the No. 1 Entertainment Application in Playstore, having almost 500,000,000+ installs in Android.

In Simple Words Hotstar is a Full Family Pack Application who wants to chill with the whole family. Now Just Download Hotstar Mod Apk and Install, Make Party with your family for free.

Hotstar Mod Apk 2022

Hotstar is a free video streaming OTT platform which is free to some extent but to get some of its special features, you have to buy them, now you can do those features, it has two plans vip / premium any of those plans.

You can enjoy it by doing paid content, but now our team has modified it and made it Hotstar Mod Apk, in which you can easily watch any TV serial, movie, Hotstar Originals, Live Sports.

And you will get to see many amazing features in this Hotstar Mod Apk like No Ads, Login Sign Up, Screenshot Allowed, Live Sports (IPL, Kabaddi, Tennis, etc.)

Not only this you will get VIP and premium features unlocked and you know. What facilities can you enjoy when premium plans are activated in Hotstar, all the content that you could not see before will be opened for you.

APK Name Disney+ Hotstar APK
Size 38.56MB
Version 12.0.1 [Latest Version]
Android Required 4.1+
Installs 100,000,000+
Rating 3.9
Developer Novi Digital
Category Entertainment
Last Updated 6 Hours Ago
APK Type Hotstar Mod APK [Unlocked 2022]

Features of Hotstar Mod Apk

Hotstar Mod Apk is a Free application where you can watch free shows, TV Serials & Live Sports(IPL, Cricket India, and many more), etc that Application comes with so many awesome features.

Trust me guys you must know about those cool & awesome features.

So here are the awesome features of the Hotstar Mod Apk that are given below.

VIP/ Premium Unlocked

We know that in Hotstar you have to buy Vip or Premium plan to watch Live Sports, IPL, Hollywood & Bollywood Movies, Hotstar Original Shows, Live TV, Disney + Movies & Shows, which also has some conditions like you. You can watch shows in the Vip plan but ads will not be free instead if you want to watch ads free then you have to go to the premium plan but in Hotstar's mod application you will have both these plans unlocked for a lifetime and you can watch anything, without any problem.

Serials Before TV

Who does not like to watch shows before TV, everyone wants to watch their favorite shows before the scheduled time of TV and they can do anything for it and you must know that when there is a twist in the TV serial and they can do anything for it, that's why we have brought this Hotstar Mod Apk for you, in which you will be able to watch your favorite TV serials before TV Now Just Scroll down And Download Hostar Mod Application.

Watch Live Sports

We all are very fond of watching support and when it comes to cricket then it becomes very important for us, every support lover wants to watch IPL but to Watch IPL Live you need different paid plans. You have to buy, but maybe some of you do not have money to take the plans so we have brought your Hotstar mod in which you can watch live IPL for free.

No Login or Sign up

Some of you guys don’t like to log in and sign Up for an Application That’s why we bring this awesome feature. You Don’t have to log in and sign up in Hotstar Mod Apk you only have to do one thing that downloads the application from our site and the second is Install it on your device And Just Launch it this will not ask you to Sign up & Login.

Screenshot Allowed

Many of you must have tried to take Screenshots on Hotstar at some point or the other and most of you must have shown this message: Screenshots Not Allowed in the Application. And Yes This was so Irritating and you can’t take ss of your favorite moment in shows, Live Sport, and Movies But Now in this Hotstar Mod Apk you are allowed to take screenshots and record videos of any of your favorite moments.

No Ads

Ads are so irritating so everyone wants to get rid of them And when Ads comes in the middle of your favorite TV shows, live sports, movies, then no one is afraid of it, every second of Ads is equal to an hour and to avoid them, you have to buy the lovers plan, in which you have no idea. Ads feature is available but in Hotstar Mod Apk you will not get to see any kind of Ads, it is absolutely Ads-free or just say No Ads.

Screenshot of Application

Hotstar Mod Apk Download

Friends, now you all know about Hotstar Mod Apk, what features you will get to see in it and how you have to use them. Now the Point is that how can you get Hotstar Mod Apk, so just follow some simple steps and your apk file will be downloaded.

The First Step for downloading the app is just go to instead you can search hotstar Mod Apk in google.

Now you are so close to downloading the Hotstar Modified Application Now Just Find the Download Button on the whole page. Also you can take help of toc (table of content) where you will easily find out the download button.

Now Just Hit the Download and Ready for it , After completing the download process you have to follow the below step that is How to Install Hotstar Mod Apk and Please assure you follow all the steps carefully.

These Three Steps will take you to heaven : Download, Install & Watch !! Enjoy

How to install Hotstar Mod Apk?

To install Hotstar Mod Apk, you have to first download the Mod application given by us and after that, you have to go to your file manager and find the Hotstar Mod Apk in the downloaded one and after that, you have to open the application.

In the middle, some option of unknown sources show in front of you which will take you directly to the setting and after that, you have to allow unknown source from that, after that, you will be redirected to the re-install page, so if this is not the case then open the application again and Start the install Your internet should be off during all this process.

And as soon as Hotstar Mod Apk is installed, you can restart your handset for better performance and then launch the application.

After launching the application, you will directly come to the page containing the content, so if Hotstar Ki Mod Apk is not compatible with your mobile then there may be an issue like the Application asking you to sign up and login 2. Connection error and timeout

If any of the above problems come, turn off the internet and clear the data of the Hotstar modder, this will solve your problem.

If you want to understand this better, then you can see the infographic given below.

Ultimate Infographic About Hotstar Mod Apk Installation Process.

Infographic Image About Hotstar Mod Apk Installation Proccess

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hotstar Mod Apk Available?

Yes! Hotstar Mod Apk Available on from this site you can download the Application.

Can I Watch IPL Free on Hotstar Mod Apk?

Yes! Sure you can watch live IPL on Hotstar Mod Apk.

How to Watch Ipl for Free?

For watching IPL for free you can download Hotstar Mod Apk from

Is Hotstar Mod Apk Safe for My Device?

Yes! It’s 100% Safe for your device, it does not harm your device and is an absolutely safe application.

How do I install a premium Hotstar App?

You just have to download the Hotstar Mod application from our site and just follow the installation process and when it is done you will get a premium Hotstar app.

How can I Get Hotstar VIP?4

You don’t need to go specific, you can download one app for both features that is VIP/ premium with Hotstar Mod apk so Just go and hit the download button.

Is Hotstar Mod Apk Virus free?

Absolutely yes it’s totally virus-free.

Can I Watch Hotstar on TV?

Yes, you watch but you have to cast your mobile screen to tv with help of any screencast Application.

Users Reviews

Hi I am Aditi and I got this Hotstar Mod Apk about 2 days ago and I love watching TV Serials and Movies and this Hotstar Mod application has made my life even easier now all my favorite TV Serials and Movies easily. I just see and thanks to this Hotstar Mod Apk you should also tree this application.

Aditi Banarjee
1 Day Ago

I am Kinjal, I have a lot of trouble with twist from TV shows and why they schedule twists on some epic moment with TV shows for tomorrow and this thing bothers me a lot so I have to wait before TV. To watch shows, I download Hotstar Mod Apk with the help of this, I can easily watch all the shows and that too before TV.

Kinjal Patel
5 Day Ago

I am dev and I am big fan of cricket ipl and i can do anything to watch cricket for that even my friend's slavery but now it is not so i can watch ipl cricket live on my mobile That too because of this Hotstar Mod Apk and I really love it this application. I think you have to try it once.

Dev Barman
10 Day Ago


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